Navigating Menopause in the Workplace: A Landmark Conference Offers Solutions for HR Professionals

Key Facts

  • 13 million women in the UK experience daily menopause symptoms.
  • Women entering menopause are often at the peak of their careers.
  • 60% of women report negative work impact due to menopause symptoms.
  • 10% of women leave work due to menopausal symptoms.
  • 80% of women cite a lack of workplace support for perimenopause and menopause issues.
  • Education remains a potent tool for effective menopause management.

Cheshire, UK, 5 September 2023

The first conference of its kind in the UK, focusing on managing menopause symptoms and their implications for the workplace, will take place in Cheshire on 19 September 2023.

This event is targeted not just at women experiencing menopause but also at HR professionals who play a key role in creating supportive workplace environments. Hosted by TV star Jenny Powell, the conference features a distinguished panel of experts including Dr Louise Newson and Dr Sally Harris, as well as lifestyle gurus Nicky Clarke and Liz Earle.

The Urgent Need for Action

Dr Sally Harris from the Wilmslow Hospital states, “With over 4 million women aged 50-64 in the workforce, equipping them—and younger women—with the right information is essential. Workplace discussions about menopause symptoms have often been taboo and this needs to change.”

Education is Key

The Women’s Health Club, organisers of the event, believe that education is a critical part of the solution. The conference aims to empower women with comprehensive knowledge about menopause, thereby creating more informed employees and employers. As well as employees, HR professionals will gain a deeper understanding of how menopause impacts women at work and what measures can be put in place for support.

Support in the Workplace: An HR Imperative

Abi Owers, Co-Founder of the Women’s Health Club, emphasises, “Menopause isn’t a women’s issue—it’s a workplace issue. HR departments have a role in providing the resources and environment that will help women navigate this life phase without detriment to their career. From flexible working arrangements to menopause-friendly policies, HR can be instrumental in breaking the silence and stigma surrounding this natural phase of life.”

Event Highlights

  • Expert panel discussions
  • Q&A sessions
  • Consultations with healthcare professionals
  • Networking opportunities with 12 independent businesses specialising in health and wellbeing solutions

Event Details

The event will be held at Alderley Park, Alderley Edge, from 6-10 pm on 19 September 2023.

For more information or to register, visit


This groundbreaking conference is not just a learning opportunity, but also a platform to empower women and HR professionals alike to create a supportive, informed workplace.


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