Education Needed to Plug Ad Land Menopause Policy Gap

A recent article from Campaign Magazine reveals urgent gaps in menopause support within the UK’s advertising agencies, emphasising the significant societal implications of this often-overlooked issue. As industry leaders call menopause policies to be socialised, a groundbreaking conference in Cheshire offers a timely solution to plug the education gap.

The State of Menopause Policies in the Industry

In a survey conducted at the end of 2022, 86 out of 100 UK agencies confirmed having a menopause policy in place. However, there remains skepticism regarding the efficacy and reach of these policies. Melissa Robertson, CEO of Dark Horses, states that merely having a policy is not enough. She says, “It needs to be ‘socialised,’ with proper education and discussion in the workplace.”

The Statistics

The lack of effective support is more than just a theoretical problem; it has severe real-world impacts. Key findings indicate that:

  • 13 million women in the UK experience daily menopause symptoms.
  • Women entering menopause are often at the peak of their careers.
  • 60% of women report negative work impact due to menopause symptoms.
  • 10% of women leave work due to menopausal symptoms.
  • 80% of women cite a lack of workplace support for perimenopause and menopause issues.

The Event: A Pioneering Platform for Education and Support

Recognising the urgent need for action and education, The Women’s Health Club is hosting the first conference of its kind focusing on managing menopause symptoms and their implications for the workplace. Scheduled for 19 September 2023 at Alderley Park, Alderley Edge, the conference is not only aimed at women but also HR professionals who are instrumental in creating a supportive work environment.

Hosted by TV star Jenny Powell, the event will feature a distinguished panel of experts including Dr Louise Newson and Dr Sally Harris, as well as lifestyle gurus Nicky Clarke and Liz Earle.

“Workplace discussions about menopause symptoms have often been taboo, and this needs to change,” states Dr Sally Harris from the Wilmslow Hospital.

Event Highlights

  • Expert panel discussions
  • Q&A sessions
  • Consultations with healthcare professionals
  • Networking opportunities with 12 independent businesses specialising in health and wellbeing solutions

A Call to HR Departments

“Menopause isn’t a women’s issue—it’s a workplace issue,” says Abi Owers, Co-Founder of The Women’s Health Club. “HR departments can be instrumental in breaking the silence and stigma surrounding this natural phase of life.”


The industry is at a critical juncture. This groundbreaking conference serves as a valuable resource to bridge the education gap, making it indispensable for both women and HR professionals. Agencies that don’t capitalise on such educational opportunities risk not only the well-being of their employees but also the loss of significant talent.

Event Details

The event will be held from 6-10 pm on 19 September 2023.
For more information find out more or book tickets here 

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